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Posted by Barbara Nadin on 3 October 2019

This letter from our Church secretary is printed in the October edition of the Church magazine.

Dear Friends

Having recently had the 15th Melbourne Festival with its Flower Power theme, in which we as usual took part, I was quite surprised to see a large colourful heading 'Flower Power' in a national magazine.  Had Melbournes’ fame spread so far? No! It was not our mid-September big weekend in the news, something rather larger! it was comments on this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, together with a list of celebrities who had been there looking at the gardens and floral displays.

While Melbourne could not publish such a list of famous names, there was as always, lots of visitors taking the opportunity over the two days, to see the work of numerous and diverse artists.

Apparently a number of the gardens at Chelsea this year were exploring various issues with regard to the environment.  In view of what we have been seeing on our televisions and reading in the newspapers of happenings in Brazil over the past few weeks, one in particular seemed most relevant, raising awareness of how the Amazon rain forests are rapidly disappearing not only because of fires, but as a result of urbanisation, over farming and logging.  This garden featured tumbling waterfalls and lush tropical plants showcasing the biodiversity of the South American rainforest and highlighting the role it plays in sustaining a healthy planet.

There was also a garden designed by the Duchess of Cambridge created on a 'Back to Nature' theme, again focusing on the natural world.  While it was child friendly in that it had a play den, swing and a stream for them to play in, importantly, flower and fruit seeds were sown to provide food for the wildlife and nectar for bees.

The might of nature in sustaining our world ought never to be forgotten.  Sowing tiny seeds may at times seem insignificant but their importance should not be under estimated.

In the Bible we can read how Jesus often used the natural world to emphasise a point he was making.  One of the best known was words we heard again last month at our Harvest Services, the parable of 'The Sower', how despite the farmers best efforts some seed fell on unreceptive soil, but the story concludes with the good news that from some of the seed came a wonderful crop.

To help God's Kingdom grow all of us are needed to be seed sowers by the words we say and the lives we lead.  While we know from experience that some will fall on 'stoney ground' we should not be deterred, but continue with renewed commitment and enthusiasm with the work we are called to do.

Keep sowing!



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